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Dive into our services and discover how our specialized background can bring your landscaping dreams to life, with every detail tailored to thrive in our local Atlantic Canadian environment.



Services & Specialities

Enhance your outdoor space with our garden and landscaping design, lawn care and installation, and expert hardscaping services. Learn more by checking them out below.

Commercial & Residential

Garden Design

At Precise Property Services, we believe that every space, whether commercial or residential, has the potential to become a haven of natural beauty. Our garden design services are tailored to enhance the beauty of your environment, so that it resonates with the rest of your property.

Our approach combines precise planning with a deep understanding of Atlantic Canadian flora, ensuring that your garden not only flourishes but also complements its surroundings. Let us craft an inviting outdoor space that you and your visitors will love to spend time in.

Custom garden layouts

Native plant selection

Seasonal colour planning

Eco-friendly solutions

Commercial & Residential

Landscaping Design

Landscaping goes beyond planting; it’s about creating an ecosystem that complements the natural beauty of your property and its surroundings. At Precise Property Services, our landscaping design services are focused on crafting landscapes that resonate with your personal or commercial property’s aesthetic.

With an eye for detail, we leverage our deep understanding of the local Atlantic Canadian soil and drone technology for precise mapping. Our designs are not just visually appealing; they’re built to last, enhancing your property’s value and curb appeal.

Innovative design concepts

Sustainable landscape solutions

Hardscape and softscape integration

Year-round interest planning

Commercial & Residential

Lawn Installation

Creating the perfect lawn in Nova Scotia requires more than just sowing seeds—it demands expertise in soil health, climate considerations, and meticulous care. At Precise Property Services, our lawn installation service is designed to provide a vibrant foundation for your outdoor space. We specialize in selecting the ideal grass types that thrive in Atlantic Canadian conditions, wether it’s warm summers or harsh, brutal winters.

Our approach combines state-of-the-art technology with traditional techniques to prepare, seed, and nurture your new lawn. From calm residential yards to bustling commercial properties, we guarantee a seamless process and outstanding results.

Customized seeding plans

Soil preparation and enhancement

Eco-friendly lawn solutions

Ongoing maintenance and advice

Commercial & Residential

Lawn Care

A healthy lawn is the foundation of a beautiful outdoor space. At Precise Property Services, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive lawn care services that ensure your grass is not just alive but thriving. We’re fully equipped with the proper tools to address the specific needs of your lawn, ensuring it remains visually appealing and healthy throughout the four seasons.

From regular maintenance to problem-solving unique to your lawn’s condition, we employ a thoughtful approach to lawn care. We understand that each lawn is different, requiring customized care plans that promote healthy growth and resilience against pests and weather changes.

Tailored fertilization plans

Weed and pest management

Aeration and overseeding

Seasonal lawn health checks

Commercial & Residential


Hardscaping is the backbone of any well-designed outdoor space. At Precise Property Services, we specialize in creating hardscape features that not only enhance the beauty of your commercial or residential property, but also stand the test of time. We work closely with you to select materials and designs that complement the natural surroundings and your personal style, ensuring your outdoor space is truly one of a kind.

From elegant walkways that invite exploration to cozy patios perfect for group gatherings, our hardscaping solutions are tailored to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Custom patios and walkways

Durable retaining walls

Outdoor fireplaces

Water features and ponds

Commercial & Residential

Snow Removal

Our snow removal services are designed to keep your property safe and accessible during winter months. We employ efficient techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to quickly and effectively clear snow from driveways, walkways, and parking lots. With our experienced team and commitment to quality service, you can trust us to handle all your snow removal needs with professionalism and reliability.

Clearing snow from driveways, walkways, and parking lots.

Applying salt or sand for ice prevention and traction.

Providing timely services during snowstorms.

Using specialized equipment for efficient snow removal.


Services & Specialities

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