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Combined with high quality locally sourced products then implemented with pride.

Who we are

Our Story

Since 2012, we’ve been serving Halifax and the surrounding municipality with a wide variety of commercial and residential landscaping services. We’re no strangers to the Atlantic Canadian climate and soil. That’s why all of the outdoor spaces created by us are crafted precisely for your needs and always maintained with local care.

Modern landscaping services

We Leverage New Technology and Scientific Insights

From a design perspective, we use new and advanced drone technology to map out in true dimensions what your property shall become. We also strive for your outdoor space to have optimal soil and health. During the consultation phase of a project, we incorporate insights from pH level tests conducted on your soil and gardens. This approach helps us to determine the most effective strategy for optimizing the health and vitality of your property.

Property Irrigation Systems

Precise Property Services is also a proud owner of Underground Irrigation Systems

Simplify your life with automatic water systems from a team with over 20 years of industry experience. Request a free irrigation estimate for your property today.

Halifax landscaping

Servicing Halifax NS

Get in touch with us today to get a free quote. We provide commercial and residential landscaping, hardscaping, lawn care in Halifax and surrounding areas. During the winter months we also provide snow removal services.